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An International Prayer

Today, Southern Baptist congregations took up offerings for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, which benefits International Missions. Evangelism is such an important thing, both around the world and at home. This afternoon, a prayer came to mind for international and national missions. Prayer is such an important aspect of our Christian lives, but all too often we neglect to do it. Hopefully this prayer of mine will spark a prayer of your own.

Lord, I pray for the missionaries in the U.S. and around the world. I pray that your gospel will spread regardless of circumstances–be they poverty or opulence or anything in between. Lord, I pray for the fulfillment of Your Great Commission: that we would not only make but also disciple converts for You and for Your glory. Lord, I pray that You would give all Your people–and me–a greater, more urgent concern for the lost and that you would empower us to proclaim Your gospel everywhere, boldly and without fear.

Lord, You are the Creator and Sustainer of life. I pray for U.S. troops everywhere, Father, and ask that You would protect them and bring them safely home and be glorified for it. Lord, even if some never come home, I pray that their  families would turn to You in their grief and glorify You. If they are unsaved, Lord, I pray that You would open their eyes to look to You for the first time for their own salvation.

God, You have appointed the powers that be; “the king’s heart is in Your hands.” I pray that You would grant U.S. leaders wisdom; “Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.” Lord, I pray that you would revive Your people in America and that You would move us to action, move us to evangelism. Lord, show us our sin of pride–expose our idolatry! May You be true and all the world a liar–and show us this to be true, Lord! They defy You on Capitol Hill, they deny You in the cities! Lord, they mock You openly in Your very own churches! Lord, vindicate Your name; revive Your people. Lord, wake us up, we have been asleep far too long!

… Lord, get Yourself the honor and glory You rightly deserve. Show us, Lord, Your glory, and let it shine in and through us. In Christ’s name and for Your glory, Amen.

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