Stuff Christians Like

In my first blog post, which was written on Protestant Reformation Day 2009, I wrote that my blog would sometimes recommend Christian blogs. Not once, however, in my three months of running this blog have I dedicated a whole post to forwarding you to another website. Today, I will do that for the first time. I hope you enjoy, and I hope that this link will both make you laugh and help you “set your minds on things that are above.”

Jon Acuff, a “preacher’s kid” [grown adult with a wife and two kids] from Atlanta, has a blog called “Stuff Christians Like.” He also has a book of the same name that you can preorder on his site. Having visited this website for at least three nights in a row to peruse his extensive archives, I can happily and with much laughter recommend this website to you and all Christians you know. (A link to his website will now be under the links section in the right hand column from now on.)

Stuff Christians Like is an aptly-named blog, but it has a humorous spin to it. There are some serious posts, but most of this site is light-hearted. Mr. Acuff is serious when he must be, but at all other times he is cracking jokes. Some funnier than others, but even if some of his posts don’t apply to you, as of the time of this writing, he has written nearly 500 blogs of “stuff Christians like.” Chances are that at least 250 (half) of them apply to you … or better yet, someone you know.

Always remember, set your minds on things that are above. And will hopefully help you do that in a happy way.

“Worship the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful songs” Psalm 100:2, NIV.

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