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Reporting on the IPPF Report

This week, Dr. Mohler featured a wonderfully eye-opening article that deals with a report recently presented by the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). The IPPF is now pushing for a comprehensive sex education for all kids and young adults aged 10-24. This is disturbing due to the IPPF’s version of “comprehensive.” They will not only inform young people of the “birds and bees” but also how to make the birds’ and bees’ interaction more pleasurable–and they propose to tell this to MINORS! This, simply, is terrible. Dr. Mohler covers this aspect of Planned Parenthood’s report in great detail in his article.

This aspect of the report further convinces me that I will not willingly put any future children God blesses me with into the public education system. It is flawed enough as it is … and it is only a matter of time before the IPPF’s proposal is granted by our God-ordained (Romans 13) federal government. (Even if God blesses us in that this proposal is never adopted, I still believe home educating my children would be my best option for various reasons … I might explain those in a later post, but I have chased this rabbit trail enough.)

The “comprehensive sex education” for all individuals aged 10-24 is not what worries me most about this report, though. What worries me most is the report’s exaltation of children over adults. Most alarmingly, this report argues that parents should be stripped of their authority and that children should be put on equal footing with their parents! To quote the report itself:

Engage with young people as equal partners by providing opportunities for them to participate in public life and in development activities. Encourage young people to participate in governance and public decision-making. Involve young people in the design, implementation, and evaluation of public health services. … Enact and enforce laws to prevent child marriage. … The world’s young people represent some of the most marginalized and vulnerable people and, at the same time, they are a group of individuals with ideas and spirit and passion, who have the power and will to change the future.

Ok, young people are now “equal partners” with adults? No. The Bible says, “Children, obey your parents.” Children should not “participate in public life” … that is what adults do. Let the children grow up before giving them a voice in the public square! … Boys were designated men at age 13 in Bible days; extended childhood is a terrible problem; see Just Do Something for more information on that. For this same reason “young people” cannot take part in “governance and public decision-making” because they are still children! 10 year olds should not govern—they are to be governed!

Later, IPPF writes “enact and enforce laws to prevent child marriage.” First of all, they need to define child marriage. Some liberals would consider 18/19 to be “child marriage.” So they really need to define child marriage. Once more, not having rites of passage into manhood/womanhood sooner have complicated matters. But, even so, IPPF cannot presume to advocate children’s sexual freedom and then deny them marriage! Biblically, marriage is the only place in which sexual relations should occur between one man and one woman, of course! Sexual relations should not occur outside of marriage … but I certainly believe that child marriage among young teens should be prevented. I don’t know how IPPF defines “child marriage” though, so I cannot necessarily agree with them on this point. I certainly disagree with their main premise. Children should not be told to have sex and then be barred from marriage. Children should not have sex nor be married. Marriage is for man and woman, not boy and girl. And sex is for husband and wife, not 10 year old boy and 10 year old girl.

The IPPF says young people “are a group of individuals with ideas and spirit and passion, who have the power and will to change the future.” Do young people have “ideas and spirit and passion”? Yes. Do they have “the power and will to change the future”? Yes. But power should not be exercised apart from wisdom, which young people on the whole do not have. And young people certainly shouldn’t educate their will against the God-ordained authorities of parents and government (except when those are directly against the Word of God).

Once more, IPPF reports from an un-Biblical worldview. How should we Christians respond? If you are a young person, obey the Bible’s command to abstain from sex until marriage. If you’re a parent, take your children to a Biblical church and remind them throughout the week of the Bible’s teachings about love, submission, and waiting for marriage before having sex. No matter who you are, pray. Pray for fidelity to your spouse (if you have one), to your future spouse if you don’t have one. Young people, pray that your lives—including your sexuality (purity)—would please God.

“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on the earth.” Praise God by your sexuality: fellow young people (and singles), by waiting for—and even seeking, as you are able—marriage.

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