Heart-Breaking Love

Last night, I read a most wonderful poem by George Herbert on the Desiring God website. I thank Tyler Kenney for posting this poem first and exposing me to it; God really used this poem to get me to think about Christ’s love on the cross and how it is that which ultimately “breaks” us in order to truly give us life.

Throw away thy rod,
Throw away thy wrath:
                         O my God,
Take the gentle path.

For my heart’s desire
unto thine is bent:
                         I aspire
To a full consent.

Not a word or look
I affect to own,
                         But by book,
And thy book alone.

Though I fail, I weep:
Though I halt in pace,
                         Yet I creep
To the throne of grace.

Then let wrath remove;
Love will do the deed:
                         For with love
Stony hearts will bleed.

Love is swift of foot;
Love’s a man of war,
                         And can shoot,
And can hit from far.

Who can scape his bow?
That which wrought on thee,
                         Brought thee low,
Needs must work on me.

Throw away thy rod;
Though man frailties hath,
                         Thou art God:
Throw away thy wrath.

I later posted the following comment to Kenney’s Facebook post: “Praise God that is it by His love revealed in Christ on the Cross that our stony unregenerate hearts bleed in repentance and faith!”

Fellow Christians, look to the cross as you read this poem and think about what it’s saying. “With love stony hearts will bleed.” It is the Spirit-given revelation, the deep, heartfelt conviction that it is our sins that slaughtered our Lord and that His death actually saves us from our sins and death that breaks our hearts and makes us bleed. Bleed with me, fellow Christian. Bleed afresh before our loving Father who disciplines us out of love. To those of you without Christ, hear the words of Jesus on the cross, and may the Holy Spirit reveal God’s love to you and make your stony heart bleed in repentance and faith for the first time:

And Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." –Luke 23:34

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