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A Quick Heartfelt Apology

I apologize for mistakenly approving a very bad comment on my most recent post. I thought that the video of Dr. Piper would be edifying and truthful, but it was doctored and very disrespectful of Dr. Piper and more importantly, it was disrepectful to our God. I apologize for that mistake, and I ask the forgiveness especially of those of you who happened to see the video. I did not watch all of that blasphemous video, but I saw enough of it to know that I had made a mistake. That comment is gone now, and I will be posting my own comment on that post shortly.

God bless you all, and I ask that you continue praying for Dr. Piper as his leave of absence approaches. I still support Dr. Piper’s ministries and hope that all of you will support him through your prayers, likewise.

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