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PLEASE PRAY: Together for the Gospel 2010

Tomorrow, I will be riding up to Louisville for the Together for the Gospel (T4G) conference. It will be Tuesday through Thursday this week. I ask that all of you pray for safe travels for all those traveling. I also ask that you pray for the speakers, that they would speak God’s Word boldly and clearly. Please pray for the pastors and laypeople alike who are in attendance, that we would all be rejuvenated and sparked with a readiness to continue ministering in the strength of God in our home churches.

Since I will be at T4G all this week (and these are all-day worship services), I will more than likely not be posting a blog until Friday. On Friday, I hope to be able to post my thoughts about T4G and “the unadjusted gospel.” This T4G summary-post will momentarily interrupt the Being Filled with the Holy Spirit series, of which I have three of five posts posted. I hope to resume the Being Filled series next Sunday, April 18.

Your prayers for me, my dad (who will be driving), the other attendees, the speakers, and all involved in T4G 2010 are most appreciated. I look forward to sharing my thoughts about “the unadjusted gospel” this Friday, Lord willing.

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