Reflections on T4G 2010

T4G 2010 was amazing. The preaching and speaking really moved me. I have learned much and will continue to learn from this conference. They gave away 20 books (I got 2 others from Southern Seminary) which more than covered the price of admission. The messages and talks were all wonderful and so timely, and the books are all wonderful, but none of this was my favorite part. My favorite part wasn’t even seeing a dear cousin of mine or spending a good bit of time with friends who are in the ministry and whose family is involved in ministry, though all of this and so much more was so wonderful. No, my favorite part of T4G was the worship, the singing and crying out to God (even in prayer). All of the songs were by nature worshipful. And all 7000 people in the conference sang their hearts out to God, myself included. Nearly every song brought tears to my eyes as we truly worshipped God “in spirit and in truth.” I have so much I can share with you, my blog readers, from this trip, and I will once I finish the Being Filled with the Holy Spirit series (which will hopefully wrap up this Sunday, Lord willing). But tonight I will focus and reflect on my favorite aspect of T4G: the worship in singing and praying.

We sang some familiar hymns that had additional verses, and some hymns we sang were less familiar. Some were centuries old, some not even a handful of years old. All of the songs were worshipful, and each time I and the other attendees sang a song, it was a true act of worship. You can’t put thunder and lightning (of a sermon) on paper. Now as I’m typing I realize that I can’t capture the presence of God’s Spirit in the public worship of God through song on paper (or screen, in this case), either. Suffice it to say that the singing was truly worshipful. Indeed, this conference was the most worshipful worship I’ve ever partaken in. Among the songs we sang were “It Is Well with My Soul” (which I will go into more detail about in a later post) and “All I Have Is Christ” (which will also be more detailed in a future post). All the songs were sung with an attitude of worship. To apply this to us, let us all, when we sing a song of praise, let us truly worship God in that moment. Let us think about what we’re singing and mean it.

The times of public prayer were also worshipful. The conference’s opening prayer time really set the worshipful atmosphere of the whole conference. John Piper’s prayer both before and after his message also provoked me into worshipful prayer. (Don’t worry, Piper’s prayer and talk will be dealt with in a future post, Lord willing). The prayer over Matt Chandler (which Dr. Piper also led) was also so powerful and Spirit-filled. God’s presence was palpable in Louisville these past three days. I pray that whether His presence is so greatly felt in the coming days or not, that I will start to act in light of the truth that His presence is always with me—and all Christians. Let that be your prayer, too; that in our daily lives, we live in acknowledgement that we are God’s temple (1 Corinthians 3).

T4G was so timely. I hope to do a series on the gospel (and evangelism) after Being Filled with the Holy Spirit wraps up in the near future. This isn’t the last I have to share with you about T4G, but for now, this will have to suffice. Fellow Christian, be encouraged to “set your minds on things that are above.” Be encouraged to worship God in spirit and in truth, not merely singing words but meaning them in your heart to the point that you are overwhelmed with the glory and goodness and grace of God in Christ Jesus! Pray in all sincerity!

… and let us who are truly Christians be forever together for the (unadjusted) gospel.

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