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Introducing Christian Schmidt and “Being Poured out for God’s Glory”

Christian Schmidt is a beloved brother in the Lord. I had the pleasure of hearing him preach this past Sunday night. Christian is a twenty-year-old student at Mississippi College. He is a man passionate for the Lord, and I have been immensely blessed both by his sermon and the conversations I have been privileged to have with him online in the months prior. Christian’s sermon has been divided into a series of posts, but these posts will all be posted on the same day followed by a post that links to all of them. Thank you, Christian, for so faithfully presenting the gospel last Sunday in Philippians 2:12-18, and thank you for writing up such a thorough manuscript that it will take a whole series of blogs for me to post it!

Please note: Due to technical difficulties, I will be shown as the “author” of all these posts. Everything below the “Read more” line, however, is by Christian Schmidt. Once I post his whole sermon in a number of posts, I will link them all in a separate post, and in that post I will give him credit for all the posts he has written for our benefit and God’s glory. Below is Christian’s bio (not from his sermon), in his own words. (His sermon will be posted in subsequent posts.)

I would first like to thank Jordan for this wonderful opportunity of getting to be a guest blogger. I am always five or ten years behind every technological advance or fad, so I probably won’t get a blog until 2020. Jordan and I finally had the chance to meet the other night when he came to hear my sermon, and the only thing I regret is that we did not get to talk longer. It is honor for me to know such a wonderful young man and share in proclaiming Christ with him. He has asked me to write a short biography. I’m not a great writer, but I will do my best by the grace of God.

I am currently twenty years old and a sophomore at Mississippi College. I am majoring in Christian Studies and plan to pursue seminary upon graduation. I feel called into pastoral ministry, which is something my passion grows more intense for everyday. I have two amazing parents. I like to say that my Dad gave me a love for learning and my mother a learning for love. I have one older brother that is better than superman to me. Recently, my walk with God has been greatly blessed through my trials with cancer. I was diagnosed with Stage IV Rhadbmyosarcoma. I had about a year of treatment (the doctor told us that on a scale of 1, easiest, 10, hardest, I would received an 8 or 9). After 8 months of remission the cancer returned in May, and I have returned to treatment. I do not know what the future holds for me, but I thank God for everything he has given me, even the cancer, and I praise and glorify him, as he rightly deserves, for his amazing grace and love.

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