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Thank You, Christian Schmidt

In my introductory post for the guest blog series, I briefly introduced Christian Schmidt, who then introduced himself in his own words.

After Christian’s introduction, I posted his sermon manuscript as a series of blog posts about “Being Poured out for God’s Glory.” The following blogs were all written by Christian and all constituted his sermon from Sunday night at Northport Baptist Church:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Presence of the Gospel
  3. The Progress of the Gospel
  4. The Power of the Gospel
  5. The Purpose of the Gospel
  6. The Proclamation of the Gospel

Thank you, Christian, for being so faithful to the Gospel in this sermon. Thank you also for sharing your sermon manuscript with me and this blog’s readers so that we can all be blessed by that thunder and lightning—even though the limited electronic media cannot contain it all. This computer screen cannot convey the fact that throughout the whole sermon, you could hear a pin drop. This computer screen cannot convey the passion in Christian’s voice as he preached through each point in the sermon (list above). This computer screen cannot convey my own joy as the Spirit enraptured me with the grace of God as I heard Christian so faithfully proclaim it that night. Thank you, Christian, for being faithful. Thank you, Christian, for pouring yourself out—and you have before your sermon, and you did during it, and you continue to do so even now. Thank God for preachers like you.

Fellow readers, please note well what Christian has said from God’s Word. We should all be willing to pour out our lives for God’s glory. And that is what this blog is all about—this blog seeks to glorify God by encouraging Christians and helping Christians to set their minds on things that are above (Colossians 3:2). If you’d like even more specific ways you can pour out your lives for God’s glory, please browse the Blog Series page for specific posts. My current series, Great Commission Living, is also tailored to provide specific ways in each post that we can pour out our lives for God’s glory.

Thanks again to Christian Schmidt for this guest blog series, and praise be to God alone for the amazing work he is doing through Christian and through Christians everywhere!

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