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Must-Hear Piano Playing

Good morning, everyone! Last night, I found out that my former pianist from church now has his own website! Bryan Ward is the best gospel pianist in the Southeast (in my opinion), or at least in Alabama. He actually taught me piano for about eight years, and was Eastside’s pianist for many more years than that. Bryan is a truly Christian pianist—listening to his music always sets my mind on “things that are above.” I highly encourage you to listen to his music, too. (Oh, and Bryan apparently plays at events now! Be sure to schedule him for one of your upcoming events if you can—when I say he’s the best gospel pianist in the Southeast, I mean it!)

It may also be good if I told you that Bryan’s live playing sounds even better than it does on the sample tracks on his website! And if you like what you hear, or want to hear more, you can even purchase any of Bryan’s three CDs on his website at the store page.

On another unrelated note, Come Back to God America is being performed today at 2 and 7 in Fayette, AL. If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet but wish to go, get there early because tickets are almost sold-out to both showings! As it is, I’m going to the 2 o’clock performance and will be in Fayette for the rest of the afternoon. Hopefully, though, I will find the time to post a book review later this evening. (The Great Commission Living series will continue sometime next week, Lord willing.)

So, everyone, go check out Bryan’s music and “set your minds on things that are above.” (And if for any reason you ever forget Bryan’s URL, you can find a permanent link to his website to the right of all my blog’s web pages, under the “Resources” category of Links.)

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