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Clarifications to My “Church Discipline” Post

Hi. I’d like to clarify some things about my most recent post. By public sin, I meant a sin that is made public, particularly adultery. There is no explicit biblical mandate (that I know of) that commands the pastor to be the first to respond, but if he knows about it, I believe that his leadership within the church puts him in the best position to lovingly confront that sinning Christian church member with his sin. But admittedly, the pastor being the first to act is only my opinion based on the fact that the pastor is the one who leads the local congregation physically speaking.

At this point, please note that I am not exempting other Christians from confronting other Christians’ sin in love! I am merely saying that if the pastor knows, he should take the initiative (in my opinion) because of his leadership. But if he does not know, then other church members should then take the initiative. I am not “passing the buck” to the pastor and leaving out laypeople. On the contrary, I am merely expressing my belief that the pastor should act if he knows; but if he does not (or if he even possibly does not), then mature believers in the church should take the initiative and not lazily “pass the buck” to their pastor. See also 1 Thessalonians 5:14.

And I said that the “two or three witnesses” should also be church members because we are dealing with the church confronting and ultimately seeking to restore sinning members. The world is not involved in this process (or shouldn’t be).

Finally, I stress again that something the modern church has lost (but that the early church had) is a sense of accountability among Christians. We must regain this accountability if we are to truly live out the Great Commission.

Original full-length post: https://thingsthatareabove.wordpress.com/2010/06/28/the-necessity-of-church-discipline-for-great-commission-living/

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