The End of an Era

Unexpectedly to me, yesterday was the last broadcast of the Albert Mohler Program, a live-radio show that aired weekdays at 4 P.M. Central Time. For the past 9 years, Dr. Mohler has instigated five one-hour-long “intelligent Christian conversations about the things that matter” each week. But yesterday marked the end of an era. No longer will Dr. Mohler offer his wisdom and biblical perspective on any host of issues from young marriage, abortion, homosexuality, and political pressures against the church. As someone who has greatly benefited from Dr. Mohler’s broadcasts (albeit a mere literal handful of them), I was truly saddened when I heard after the fact was over that he would no longer be hosting his radio program.

Thankfully, all his broadcasts are still available on his website at I highly recommend you go back and listen to any of his given broadcasts; the ones I have personally heard are all Bible-based and imminently applicable. Dr. Mohler doesn’t mince words.

Of course, Dr. Mohler’s reasoning for this departure from the airwaves is impeccable. As Dr. Mohler wrote in an official letter explaining his plans (cited by Jonathan Davis):

There is a sense of sadness in leaving this stage of ministry and media for another. … I need to be most available — at my best — for those who mean the most to me, to Southern Seminary, and to the advance of Christ’s Kingdom. … I need to be more present on the mission fields of the world, more present with our students and faculty and more present with friends of the Seminary.

I applaud Dr. Mohler for his devotion to the Lord and to his most imposing obligations. I encourage all of us to go to his website and continue to read his blogs and listen to those past broadcasts that will be most beneficial to us.

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