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Sacred Sandwiches, Batman!

Yes, you read right. Both alliteration and a corny superhero reference are in the title of today’s post. There is a wonderful website called “The Sacred Sandwich.” It’s a fictional “illustrated journal for small town Christians in the big bad world.” I discovered this website last week and was rolling in my chair laughing. On their introductory page, The Sacred Sandwich writes:

Scripture is the vital staple God has prepared for His people.  Therefore the mission of The Sacred Sandwich is two-fold.  First, we desire to use this publication to proclaim sola Scriptura: the “shorthand” declaration that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is the only basis of truth for the Lord’s people in the Church.  Second, and more pointedly, we desire to present faithful, consistent exegesis of Scripture as a powerful and irrefutable response to much of the current error being taught in the church today.

This website is hilariously funny. Don’t get me wrong; it presents solid stuff … but often in a satirical way. One of my favorite articles postulates the types of responses Paul’s Letter to the Galatians would receive if it were published in Christianity Today. I harbor no ill will toward Christianity Today (I even linked to one of their excellent articles in a recent post), and to my knowledge, neither does The Sacred Sandwich. If anything, these supposed readers’ responses to Galatians is an indictment against us present Christians who put unity and love (though both important) over faithfulness to the gospel. Here’s one such fictitious modern reader’s response to Galatians:

Dear Christianity Today:

The fact that Paul Apostle brags about his public run-in with Peter Cephas, a well-respected leader and brother in Christ, exposes Mr. Apostle for the divisive figure that he has become in the Church today. His diatribe against the Galatian church is just more of the same misguided focus on an antiquated reliance on doctrine instead of love and tolerance. Just look how his hypercritical attitude has cast aspersions on homosexual believers and women elders! The real problem within the Church today is not the lack of doctrinal devotion, as Apostle seems to believe, but in our inability to be transformed by our individual journeys in the Spirit. Evidently, Apostle has failed to detach himself from his legalistic background as a Pharisee, and is unable to let go and experience the genuine love for Christ that is coming from the Galatians who strive to worship God in their own special way.

William Zenby; Richmond, VA

As mentioned before, this is satire. But that “contemporary” (albeit fictitious) disdain for the epistle of Galatians says many things that many professing Christians would agree with. Let us examine ourselves: are we really following the Bible? Or are we conforming to a world that we’re not even of anymore?

You can read that whole article at http://sacredsandwich.com/archives/2781.

You can read all articles (and view all funny pictures) at http://sacredsandwich.com.

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