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Family Driven Faith

Due to the busyness of my schedule in this and coming weeks, new posts in the Philippians Weblog Commentary will come more rarely, since they require the most time to write. They may even come in the middle of the week; they will come as I find the time to write and complete them. So, in the meantime, here is a book review for Family Driven Faith by Voddie Baucham.

Family Driven Faith by Voddie Baucham is an excellent book about family-integrated ministry. More than that, it is more than anything a clarion call for men to be men by discipling their families. His book is radical, but it is biblical. He pulls no punches in calling both men and churches to prioritize the family as the basic unit of worship.

In chapter one, Dr. Baucham argues that “making the team, making the grade, and making time” are all problems, not because they are inherently wrong, but because

they have replaced more important pursuits. Instead of striving for godliness and multigenerational faithfulness, many Christians have settled for just getting by. Unfortunately, our children are paying the price. There is, however, a better way. God’s Word has given us a roadmap to follow. (p. 23)

He is also right to note that our contemporary anti-marriage and anti-child cultures have contributed to the lack of spirituality in today’s teenagers. Dr. Baucham goes on to write that God’s “better way” is family discipleship and family-integrated worship. Chapters 3-8 deal with God’s solution to the fact that between 70 and 88% of teens leave the church by their first year of college. The chapter titles are below:

3.  Learn to Love
4.  Give Him Your Heart
5.  Teach the Word at Home
6.  Live the Word at Home
7.  Mark the Home as God’s Territory
8.  Enjoy the Gifts Without Forgetting the Giver

In the final 2 chapters of the book, Dr. Baucham exposes the flaws in the contemporary youth ministry model and answers objections to the family-integrated church model. He also lists some helpful ways in which churches can move toward family-integrated ministry (and thus equipping fathers to lead daily worship and discipleship in the home):

  • Promote a biblical worldview of marriage and family (p. 202)
  • Promote family worship/discipleship (p. 205)
  • Promote Christian education (p. 207)
  • Promote biblically qualified leadership (p. 209)

Dr. Baucham’s approach to ministry, marriage, and family is certainly radical. But it is biblical. We the Church have listened to the world for too long; it is time that we begin listening to God’s Word again, and Family Driven Faith is a helpful starting point.

You can buy Family Driven Faith on amazon.com, along with another book of his which I’ll review in the relatively near future, What He Must Be … If He Wants to Marry My Daughter.

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