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Preview to “Family Under Fire”

As I continue to prepare my upcoming special edition blog (hopefully I’ll post it this Thursday) to cover Robin Marantz Henig’s NYT article on “Emerging Adulthood,” I will pause to introduce all of you to my upcoming blog series, Refocus on the Family. (Yes, I derived this blog series title from the organization Focus on the Family.) This upcoming blog series is broken into four subseries: “Marriage by the Book,” “Male-Female Roles in the Church,” “The Apostolic Husband,” and “Family by the Book.” I plan to introduce this final subseries (admittedly rather prematurely) with a post by acknowledging the fact that the biblical definition of family—true family—is under fire. And the family is under fire in our current culture. We must realize this if we are to rightly defend the family and recapture a biblical way of doing family.

This subseries “Family by the Book” is admittedly relatively far-off, but I simply must give you a preview to its introductory post, “Family Under Fire,” because of two resources I accessed last Saturday. The first is an article on cnn.com that discusses how many American teens are “fake” Christians. It is an interesting article and will hopefully show you definitively that the family is, indeed, under fire.

The second resource I share with you is Dr. Albert Mohler’s address at this month’s earlier Connecting Church and Home Conference hosted at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. It is a biblical address that I hope all of you would take the time to listen to. He lays his arguments first from 1 Peter 5:1-11 and gives further evidence from Ephesians 5 and 6. Not only does Dr. Mohler admit that the family (and church) are in a state of perpetual warfare, but he also helpfully lays out practical ways that we Christians can begin to wage this spiritual warfare to take back a biblical view of family, to connect church and home, which is “to connect that which should never be disconnected.”



http://www.sbts.edu/resources/conferences/connecting-church-and-home-general-session-4/ (video below)

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