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Advent: A Time for Joy

We at Calvary Baptist Church are celebrating the Advent in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day. This past Sunday was the third Sunday in Advent, Gaudete Sunday, the Sunday of Rejoicing. Bro. Blake invited me to preach the sermon that morning, and he gave me John the Baptist as my subject from Luke 3:1-20. You can listen to that sermon in its entirety here. Below is an outline of this past Sunday’s sermon:

  1. Luke 3:1-6. Contextually, the gospel comes at the time when Israel is under Roman rule.
  2. Luke 3:7-9. Before we hear the good news of the gospel, we must first hear the bad news about our sin and the punishment we deserve—the punishment we will receive if we remain apart from Christ.
  3. Luke 3:8a, 10-14. The response to the gospel is to repent and to then “bear fruits in keeping with repentance.” The three fruits that John the Baptist mentions are generosity, honesty, and contentment.
  4. Luke 3:15-16a. The gospel according to John the Baptist is not about him; it is about Jesus Christ.
  5. Luke 3:16b-17. Jesus Christ is both Savior and Judge. He both saves people and casts people into hell.
  6. Luke 3:18-20. The gospel will cost us our lives, if not physically, then spiritually, in that we must die to sin and live to God.

How will you respond to the gospel?

  • “Bear fruits in keeping with repentance”
  • Give generously
  • Be honest
  • “Be content with your wages”
  • Witness boldly for Christ (Matthew 10:24-39)
  • Count the cost of following Christ if you do not yet know him (Luke 14:26-33)
  • “Repent and believe in the gospel” for the first time and thus be saved (Mark 1:15)

May everyone continue having a blessed Christmas season as we celebrate the fact that our Savior came to this earth to live a perfect life, die in our place, and be raised for our justification so that we would be saved from our sins!

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