Philippians Blog Series

You can view my combined announcement-introduction to this series by clicking on this link.

Part One: Paul, A Person of Joy

  1. Introductory Joy (1:1-11)
  2. Joy in the Proclamation of the Gospel (1:12-18)
  3. Christian Fellowship as a Reason for Joy (1:18-26)
  4. Excursus: The Attitude of Joy (1:21)

Part Two: The Path of Joy

  1. Behave as Citizens Worthy of the Gospel of Christ (1:27-30)
  2. Be Humble, as Christ Was (2:1-11)
  3. Rejoice That You Work Out What God Works In (2:12-18)
  4. Persevere Because We Await One Greater Than Timothy (2:19-24)
  5. Honor Those Who Give Their All for Christ (2:25-30)

Part Three: The Practicalities of Joy

  1. Desperate Joy (3:1-16)
  2. Persevering Joy (3:17-4:1)
  3. The Joy of Resolved Conflict (4:2-8)
  4. Content, Generous Joy (4:9-20) [forthcoming]
  5. Concluding Joy (4:21-23) [forthcoming]

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