Special Posts

Like the list of blog series I have, this list contains all special unrelated blog posts I have posted. As with the blog series list, the oldest posts are at the top; the newest posts are at the bottom.


  1. The “Dividing Wall of Hostility” Broken Down
  2. Wild Weather and Consistent Christians
  3. My Thoughts on “Slow Fade”
  4. Tim Tebow’s Faith Proven by Loss
  5. An Immoral Nation of Morals
  6. My Prayer on December 13th
  7. NCIS Is Wrong About Christianity


  1. Why God Hates Sin, Not Haiti
  2. Anne Bradstreet, Christian Wife … Mother … Poet
  3. Planned Parenthood’s Flawed Views on Children
  4. An Ecclesiastical Sonnet
  5. Robbing God
  6. Heart-Breaking Love
  7. John Piper’s Humility
  8. Don’t Be a Fool
  9. Paul Washer’s “Shocking Message”
  10.   Do You Desire God?
  11.   Reflections on T4G 2010
  12.   My Favorite T4G Moment
  13.   Pray for Christian Schmidt (June 2010)
  14.   Must-Hear Piano Playing
  15.   The End of an Era
  16.   The Bible’s Take on Homosexuality
  17.   Feminism Kills
  18.   Crying Out in the Silence
  19.   What the Gospel Really Is to John Calvin
  20.   The Great Paradox of the Christian Life
  21.   A Tail Is Not a Leg, So What Is It Biblically?
  22.   The Importance of Discipling Your Children
  23.   How to React to Homosexuals
  24. Cowardice and Fear
  25. God Is Not Dead


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